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Genuine Cloisonne Lapel Pins- No Die Charge


Cloisonne is a centuries-old process and is often regarded as the highest perceived value of any non precious metal pin. Your design id die struck in metal, the recessed areas are hand-filled with your choice of colors. Genuine cloisonne uses ground glass mixed with metals to achieve rich, deep colors. While there are hundreds of colors available - PMS color matching is not guranteed. The color filled areas are then ground down on a wet stone wheel, until the colors are even with the metal. After polishing the pieces are plated in your choice of finishes (gold, silver copper etc). Finally each piece is inspected and packaged. .

Consider Immitation Cloisonne - which allows you to match PMS colors. Confused - read this discussion of the difference between Immitation and Genuine Cloisonne


If you require genuine cloisonne pricing, please contact us.



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