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Die Struck Your design is cut in the reverse in a solid steel die. The die is heat treated so that it can withstand the extreme pressures of our presses. Raw metal (brass, copper, nickel-silver, sterling, gold filled, solid gold, pewter etc.) blanks are inserted into the die and pressed at up to 2.4 million pounds per square inch. The metal from the blank flows into the die. Excess material is then trimmed off in a trim tool. The resulting raw piece is then finished to your deisred specificaitons.
Die Cast Your design is cut in reverse into steel dies. The dies are placed in our machinery which injects molten zinc. When the molten metal cools and solidifies, the machine opens and ejects the raw piece.
Jewelry Cast

Your design is hand carved in a white metal model. This master model is sandwiched between sheets of special rubber. Heat and pressure is appied so that the rubber surrounding the liquifies, leaving an exact impression of the master model. Molten pewter is dropped into the center of the spinning mold. Centrifugal force moves the molten metal into the cavity in the rubber mold. When the mold cools and the metal solidifies, the mold is opened and raw pieces are removed.

Brass Etched Your black and white art is used to acid etch the design into brass larege brass sheets.. Black lines on your art result in raised metal. Each piece is then cut from the sheet. recessed areas (white regions of your artwork) may be filled with color per your specifications.
Cloisonne Your design is die struck in solid brass. Recessed areas are filled with colored powdered glass. The pieces are fired in an oven until the glass melts. The pieces are then ground down on a stone wheel until the surface is level and has a rich lustre.



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