Magnet Backs – Don’t Get Stuck…..

Magnet backs are all the rage in lapel pins these days.  It’s totally understandable.  Why put a hole in your garment when you can use a magnet instead….. right?  While magnet backs can be a great solution – there are some things you need to consider before offering them to your clients.

  1. Magnets are powerful and they stick together!  If you order 1000 lapel pins with magnet backs – be prepared for a potentially sticky mess when you open the box.  The rare earth (aka neodynium) magnets used for lapel pin backs are very very strong.  When you put 1000 of them together in a box – there’s no way to stop them from sticking to eachother.  Handing out product can be a challenge when they’re attracted to eachother!
  2. Magnets can fall off!  Unlike a military clutch back, a magnet can fall off.  If you brush up against something and catch your lapel pin on it – the magnetic field can be broken which results in your pin going flying and the magnet falling down inside your garment.  Who knows what you’ll find it stuck to later….
  3. Magnets are expensive!  Neodynium is a rare metal and the price of these magnets reflects the supply of this material.  Prices are always changing and while a normal clutch back may cost about a dime, a magnet back can be up to 20X that amount.
  4. Heart Warning!  Magnets can cause issues for those with pacemakers.  Always check with your client before offering a mangetic item to those with a pacemaker!